Hello 2018 at Azure Urban Resort Residences

Traditionally speaking in every New Year, Filipinos really put in so much to welcome the coming year with great happiness and of course, lots of preparations especially the food. And some of the fortunate and “nakagawian na” will also spend money to firecrackers and fireworks, except ME.

The cost of these firecrackers increases yearly, and as a mother it hurts my budget for our simple celebration. But since the kid in me still wanted to see beautiful fireworks, we opted to celebrate our New Year at one of the famous staycation spot here in Manila, the Azure Urban Resort Residences. In there, we are able to watch stunning fireworks from different establishments within the area without hurting our pockets that much and making the most out of it.

By the end of November we hunted for agents who could help us and also searched through AirBnB. But unfortunately none of them satisfied what we needed. We were asking tons of questions but most of them seem that they won’t give us concrete answer until we pay the reservation. Not until I discovered Siglo Suites.

After skimming their website, I saw different properties being offered for rental for those who wanted to have a short staycation within the metro. It is very easy to use because you will just enter the check in and checkout dates and presto! The available rooms will be shown and from there you can pick out what room you want. As you check each room, you will also see what’s included in the package, the photos of the rooms so you know what to expect and such. If you wanted something else and would like to speak to them, you can easily call through the numbers provided in their website and they will answer you. No questions ask if you are really going to book or what. 

Paying them is also easy because you can use your credit card or in our case, my sister paid through Dragonpay at SM Mall. And also, we were no longer worried about the travel agents who’s just scamming, because through Siglo Suites you are rest assured that they are really legit because they have an office where you could visit and telephone numbers to call onto.

So, we booked on the 31st of December up to January 1 and everything was set. 

December 31 came and at 12 noon we left home. We arrived earlier than the 2:00 PM check in time so we waited. Good thing that since we arrived early, we were also one of the firsts in line. Then, upon checking in with their personnel and everything was good, we headed to the building of our rental room.

The room we chose is good for 6 pax. One of the inclusions was free use of pool for 4 pax. So, me, Daddy and Master were already three. My sister got the other one and her boyfriend paid P250 for the additional pool pass. We brought foods to cook as the unit has fridge, kitchen utensils, induction cooker and microwave oven to use. 

What we enjoyed so much during our stay was our swimming sesh at Azure Beach. There are three pools, in which we were able to use the two because the other one is exclusively for the residents’ use only. The Azure Beach is the iconic man-made beach with fine white sand and wave pool. We actually love the sand. That beach feels. Master enjoyed sliding at The Azure Children’s Beach Playground while the parents enjoyed the waves at the pool. 

After swimming, we went back to our room to prepare for the Media Noche. We cooked our food, brought snacks and drinks as well. Master enjoyed watching cartoons because we don’t have Skycable at home, that’s why. We took time to rest and enjoy the cozy feel of our rented unit.

On January 1st, we spent our free time before checking out roaming inside the Paris Beach Club although just like the usual, there were some restrictions. The inside of the building is so instagrammable and lakas maka-sosyal. The Paris Beach Club has the following amenities: Illuminated Hallways, Function Rooms, Indoor Restaurant, Al Fresco Dining, Ice Cream and Candy Bar, Gym, Movie and Game Rooms, Children’s Playroom and Infirmary.

Overall, we have another memorable family time at Azure Urban Resort Residences. We are glad we found Siglo Suites because everything is such a breeze. We are planning to experience staying in their other properties such as The Knightsbridge Residences and The Gramercy Residences.

How To Book Through Siglo Suites? Simply visit their website > https://www.siglosuites.com/.

How To Get To Azure Urban Resort Residences?

If you are going through private vehicle, you can use Waze. Azure Urban Resort Residences is just beside SM Bicutan. We had Uber to get into their place.

If by commute, from Magallanes in Edsa you can ride a bus going to SM Bicutan.

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