Get To Know The Other Laurels

President Jose P. Laurel with his wife and children (Image Source)
As the Philippine History taught us about the things Jose P. Laurel did to our country as the President of the Second Philippine Republic during the Japanese occupation, as well as other historical figures, we sometimes wonder what does their  descendants is doing right now? Do they continue the legacy of these heroes who are their forefathers?

The Beginning of the Laurels in the Philippines

With years of genealogical research, the Laurel family was able to trace their ancestry. They were descendants of a budding Sultanate of Brunei in the 15th century who refused the throne in exchange for his love in exploring, travelling and seeking adventures, who then finally settled in Batangas, Philippines.

Being a leader is natural in this powerful family because of the blood of the Sultanates of Brunei runs to their veins. The Laurels are able to acquire the highest political positions in the country. And not just in the world of the politics, they also established the name in the business world.

The Laurels Today

Regina Victoria Laurel Yupangco De Ocampo

The only living daughter of President Jose P. Laurel is Ms. Nita Laurel Yupangco, who’s known for being soft spoken and always behind the limelight unlike her popular siblings. The Laurels today serves the Filipinos through Ms. Regina Victoria Laurel Yupangco De Ocampo, the only daughter of Ms. Nita, as she currently manages Filremit Corporation, Manila Express and Manila Cargo Express. These companies help Filipinos around the world.

How The Laurels Help The Filipino Community Today? 

By connecting the OFWs to their loved ones in the Philippines…

Filremit Corporation is a trusted remittance company of OFWs since 2008. It services the needs of the Filipinos through payouts for their loved ones in the Philippines.

Since 1985, Manila Express has been connecting the OFWs in Canada to their home by providing reliable money transfer and door-to-door cash deliveries to Metro Manila and other provinces in the Philippines.

And through Manila Cargo Express, which has full service branches across Canada. They offer sea cargo shipment from Canada to the Philippines. As one of the largest balikbayan box business in Canada who has the fastest lead time in sending sea cargoes to the Philippine, with the highest quality from double ply corrugated balikbayan box to an excellent barcode system for efficient and precise tracking.

According to Regina, these companies serve the Filipino families with an aspiration to help them realize of building a better future for their loved ones by providing them prompt, safe and reliable delivery of remittances and other services. 

Regina’s heart is still for the Filipinos even without being in the political arena. She and her brother Robert Laurel Yupangco believes in giving back that’s why every year, she makes it a point to share with the OFWs and their families. A fund shall be established for the OFWs to sustain their retirement and provide a secured and brighter future to their families.

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