Our 10 Favorite Places in Baguio

Baguio City, tagged as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, is one of the famous tourist destinations in our country. With its cool temperature, who wouldn’t want to escape the heat of the metro to experience its coolness? We’ve been to Baguio twice and the joy it brings never ceases despite the long hours of travel.

Because we’ve been to Baguio City for two times, I have listed down our 10 favorite places that you should go and visit when you get there.

1. Burnham Park

Lagoon [2015]

Early morn at the Lagoon. The rides were not yet open when we roamed the park.

Bicycle Lane

2. Mines View Park

A good view of the mountains. [2015]

The famous giant St. Bernard doggies.

Master with Daddy's officemates wearing Igorot costumes.

3. Botanical Garden

This was taken in 2015. I think when that arch was just newly growing.

This was taken December 2016, under the same arch which is now bigger than before. I also became big. Haha.

4. Philippine Military Academy

5. Wright Park and The Mansion

6. Tam-Awan Village & Garden in the Sky (My Personal Favorite)

7. Strawberry Farm

8. Diplomat Hotel

9. Colorful Houses

10. Lion Head

Do you have your favorite spots in Baguio? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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