My Life Lately

I am now on my 3rd month of being unemployed. Yes, 3 months ago, I decided to quit work and currently on the process of becoming a full time work at home mom. Is it all worth it? What am I doing right now? Am I happy now? Well, let me tell you.

Is it all worth it? YES. As I always say, you wouldn’t know until you get there. How will you know what the other end of the bridge offers if you won’t cross it? So, I took the risk and now crossing the bridge. For a short period of three months, I am able to discover what more I can do for myself and my family. I was able to discover that there are a lot of things I can do while working at home instead of hustling the 8 to 5 job for 6 days a week plus 2 hours of travel from home to work and vice versa.

What am I doing right now? Since I have a small knowledge in the online business and its current trend in the Philippine market, I took the advantage and the opportunity to start as early as now. I was already in the industry for the past three years. In 2014, I was able to take online selling as a part-time job until the later part of 2015. But when 2016 came additional workload also went in. That’s the time my online business started to fade. That’s why when I came back to business, I felt so much regret. I was like back to zero. My former re-sellers already have new suppliers. I need to build a new set of audience again. I need to introduce my shop all over again. And such. (Sigh). But! Nevertheless, I am already here and there’s no sense dwelling so much regretting.

At the beginning of getting back to business, the normal difficulty in starting up was there. With much hardwork, patience and perseverance, I slowly feel that I am already in. Little by little people get to know about my shop and the kind of service I give. Thank God I am now being able to get my business back in its shape.

Am I happy now?  Absolutely, YES. Why? The main objective of quitting my former work is to take care of my son. He’s the happiest person in the whole world when I left work. I am now able to see if my son really eats his food, do his homework and takes a nap in the afternoon. I am now able to keep our home clean at all times. Although, I am now the only one who is in charge doing the laundry. Haha. Along with taking care of my son and keeping our home, I am still able to hustle with my business. I am also thankful because my son helps me in doing my business.

The joy of working on your own is that there’s lesser stress. Lesser people to deal with upfront. No officemates and office drama. Another good deal, I am the boss of my own. I can even work on my pajamas, no comb and no bath, I can even lie on the bed anytime I want. I don’t have to spend time travelling going to work. And all the perks you could think of working from home.

Am I still open in going back to corporate world? With no hypocrisy, YES. Before I quit work, I tell this to those people who questioned my resignation. I am still young. When am I going to start my own business? When I am already old, sick and not able to move? NO. As long as I am young and able, I should start my own business. So if my business didn’t succeed, I am still able to look for a job at the corporate world. Hustle again and save again and if luck will be good again at me, start another business.  And on the other side, if I succeed, I could build an empire for my son and grandchildren then, retire early.

So I tell you this people, as others also do. Work and hustle at the corporate world in your 20’s and build your dreams in your 30’s. Don’t settle yourself working for the rich people. Mind you, they’re already rich and will die rich. As the saying goes, it is not your fault to be born poor but it is your fault to die poor. Don’t let that to happen. Instead, start saving for you to put up your own business in the future. Work your ass so hard until you get rich. Always remember this, no employee will become rich.

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