Cloud 9 × 360° View Sidetrip

After so much fun and aura-han at Pinto Art Museum, we went to Cloud 9 Resort and Restaurant to maximize our short Antipolo Trip and to have dinner and to recharge before going back to Manila. 

The restaurant is located on top of a hill overlooking to Metro Manila’s skyline. The view is so romantic and so perfect if you wanted to take your loved ones here. If you dine at their restaurant, you are able to experience their hanging bridge and reach the top of the popular 360° View for FREE. If you don’t feel like dining, you can experience this for a minimal fee of around P100++.

As we stepped unto the bridge, we started screaming and shouting. My little Master is so brave that he was the one who lead us going up. We were thrilled as we cross the hanging bridge. When we reach the top of the 360° View, we were so amazed. Although it was already nighttime, we appreciated the beauty of the city lights of Metro Manila.

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  1. hello po. Do i have to take that hanging bridge to see the overlooking view? wala pong alternative to get there? hehe thanks