Fun at Yexel's Toy Museum

Toys played a huge part in our childhood days. It made us creative in every possible way. And even some grown-ups still indulge themselves in toys as a form of collection, just like Yexel Sebastian.

Last Monday, the first day in the Chinese Lunar Calendar, we visited Yexel’s Toy Museum in Manila Ocean Park. It is one of the three toy museums owned by Yexel Sebastian. The other two are located in Las PiƱas and inside the Boom na Boom Complex in Pasay City.

I bought the tickets via Metrodeal for P99 only last December. We are supposed to go there on the Christmas Day but Master doesn’t want to leave his grandma even for a while since he spent vacation at her house… that’s why we moved our gala day.

We had our feet set at the ticket station of Manila Ocean Park at 9AM because we didn’t want to wait for a long line and we wanted to be as early as we can inside the toy museum so we could enjoy every bits of it while the crowd is not yet that terrible. I have learned this when we had our first Manila Ocean Park experience to celebrate Master's 7th birthday. Good thing, we’re early birds so there were few people who were with us inside the museum.

Outside, you will be greeted by these huge Minions in different superhero and cartoon character costumes. As you enter, on the one side, there are more Minions!

On the other side, there are these two Shell-Ferrari racing cars replica.

Next to Minions and these cars is an upside down bedroom. 

The catch, you will take your photos pretending that you are walking or doing your stuff at the ceiling of the room and post it upside down... just like these... haha!

Another same effect stuff is also inside Yexel's Toy Museum, which is the side of the building. Unfortunately, we are not able to take photos because of the freshly painted... I dunno what was that. Tsk, sayang.

Next is these human sized statues of Batman, Spiderman and Superman along with Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Then, next collectibles and statues from the Lord of the Rings...

The famous throne from the Game of Thrones...

Cinderella's Glass Slippers

Star Wars... Wit wew!

And last, our favorite... Ironman!

Yexel's Toy Museum does not only exhibit toys, collectibles and statues of different cartoons, superheroes and movies. It also has these Trivias on the walls of the museum.

At the end part of the toy museum, there's a few facts about the owner, Yexel Sebastian and tips on how to build your own toy!

Overall, my family enjoyed our very short experience at Yexel's Toy Museum. It's short kasi, as you can see it is really few naman but the P99 budget made it all worthwhile plus the never ending kulit and laughter of Mamoy and Master.

The only lowlight I could see is the Ironman seating on the sofa, I don't get it why we need to pay if I remember it correctly, P200 just to have a photo taken with this. 

Sorry, it's blurred hehe
And oh! Plus, I have read a review about this toy museum somewhere that you can ask the staffs roaming to take a photo of your group, yeah, we found some of them inside but they seem to be masungit that's why we just had our own groufie na lang.

But what's more important is that we were able to enjoy this moment. Another memory added to our memory lane. If you guys wanted to check out Yexel's Toy Museum, you may get your tix thru Metrodeal. It's much way cheaper if you purchase there than at the Manila Ocean Park Ticket Station. This adventure is perfect for a quick gala  and it won't hurt your wallet also *wink*. Plus, make sure you have your camera because you will taking a hundred of photos. Haha.

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