Early Valentine Date at Amo Yamie Crib and Movie House

Yesterday, Master and I had a pre-Valentine date with the Grannies and Apichi at Amo Yamie Crib and Movie House, a cute café and yes, a movie house also that's located in Mendiola, Manila.

AYC in Mendiola is located on the second floor of Gordi  Plaza

AYC as what I have said, is a cute café wherein most of their clients are students for it is located at the University Belt. Also we didn’t have a hard time looking for it for they have provided all the landmarks around them in their Facebook page. The whole place is divided into four rooms. The main room is where you will place your order at the cashier and you can also get  your crib there then the remaining three are mostly cribs. 

As you can see, the place is well maximized dollhouse-like. They have these mezzanine cribs in order to accommodate more customers. It just that you have to wait outside the café (with seats provided however) and wait for your queue. Lucky we have Daddy (who’s already a senior citizen na hehe) so we were in the priority list and we didn’t waited that long naman.

AYC offers different mouthwatering frappes, drinks, and snacks for quick bites. We had their featured drink the overflowing Drunk Dwarf (P150~), Wintermelon Drink (P100~),Pizza Fries (P99~), Clubhouse with Fries (P99~), and Mini Burger Bites with Fries (P99~) and I  forgot Dad and Mama's Drink but it costs P70~ for twin na. The prices are really affordable and really sulit for their student patrons.

The Drunk Dwarf

Menu from AYC's FB Page

AYC is also a movie house so you can watch variety of movies to choose from. They offer different couple or barkada packages to choose from – all with unlimited popcorn!

The place is indeed cutey and the grannies enjoyed our short munchtime. The foods are all delicious and really budget-friendly. It is also perfect for quick get-together with friends or short meetings with shool groupmates or even informal meetings with workmates will do.

I just wish the floor of each crib should be butt-friendly since it is literally wood talaga because I don’t think so it is good for the Senior Citizens just like my Dad. Or more throw pillows will do, we only have one lang kasi that time to sit up so we let Dad use it. And based on the photos I saw from their FB page, I think their branch in España is a lot cuter and cozy than the one in Mendiola.

The have set up a mini stage for the Valentines Day

But overall, the experience is good and we all leave busog and happy because we had a quality time together and we are able to plan Mama’s upcoming 50th birthday this April! Wohoo!

If you want to have a whole lot new café experience bring your barkada or loved ones here in Amo Yamie Crib and Movie House. For more info check out their Facebook and Instagram Accounts.


  1. The place is so cuuuttteeee! Would love to visit the place someday. I was just wondering what was Drunk Dwarf tastes like? Looks like a huge serving of brown sugar or Milo hehehe

    All the love, Auradelle

    1. Yes, indeed! I suggest you go to their branch in España mas cutie d'un :) Drunk Dwarf is like a serving of Milo hehe. It tastes good and not that sweet. Little Master enjoyed the most of it!