My First Blogapalooza Event | 2015

Blogapalooza is the very first blogger's event that I attended. Being a supah dupah shy momma and introvert gal and thinking on giving this a try seems a stressful stuff for me. But yeah, I wouldn't know if this will bring good things to me unless I will give this a shot.

The Preparation

After knowing that my application was approved, I slowly made my own “game plan” for this. I first made a research of the previous Blogapalooza’s event and found so many bloggers who shared their experience and from there I learned what I should and shouldn’t do. Sir Vince of also shared his post about the Classy Blogger and of course, I am a mahiyaing kumag naman that’s why I easily got how he wants us (the bloggers) to behave.

Just in time, Ms. Pat of Fancy Girl Designs sent me the copies of my final logo. Yezz! So, I immediately used it in making my calling card which was needed in the event, according to my research and yes, indeed it was.

And because I don’t want to go to that event alone, I wooed my husband since the day my application was approved. But the home buddy glued in bed spirit of my husband halt me on bringing him to that event, I asked my officemate Jack to come with me. Thank heavens, she agreed.

Uber Ride
I booked for an Uber Ride because we wanted to arrive at One Esplanade fresh. Haha. After waiting for a good 6 minutes, an Innova arrived. I spent P133 for the smooth ride. Uber again, didn’t let me down for my sweat-free pick-up and drop trips around the metro. Wanna experience Uber for free? Get your free P200 credits by using the promo code MINGS140UE.

We arrived at One Esplanade in less than 20 minutes. Wohoo!

I used to attend some events or trainings or seminars before, and the usual registration set up that I experience is that you will fill your details on a table printed out on a bond paper. But in Blogapalooza, it’s different! Haven’t I told you, I came from Mount Hibok-Hibok? They used iPad, in which you will enter your name and automatically your blog url will appear and you just have to tap at it and viola you’re in!

As we stepped into the venue, we first went on a corner to scan the whole area for a few minutes, masid masid ba. Because it’s my first time and I only have a little idea on what will happen and what should I do, nagmasid muna kami. As soon as I got on what we should do, I oriented Jack about it.

Here's the list of the booths that we visited:

I Am Cardboard

This is the very first booth I saw as we enter. They are showcasing the I Am Cardboard gadget wherein you can experience virtual reality from that cute box! I got to experience the Crazy Swing VR and it made me feel that I am inside a cartoon show riding a swing hanging up so high.

Chips Delight

After a few steps, we're in to the Chips Delight booth and the lady in charged to that booth immediately gave me a pack of Chips Delight Brittle Brownie and motioned us that she will take a photo of the two of us with their Santa Claus mascot.


This booth with a baby on the tarpaulin caught my attention. Syempre yan tayo, nanay eh. I read what’s written from the tarp until this lady from their booth explained to us about their advocacy.

They are trying to reach as many people as they can that can adopt children under their welfare and will help them provide food, clothing and other necessities. Me, as a mother felt the need of these tiny angels who are less fortunate. I was about to adopt three kids (which is the least among the three options) kaso I forgot to bring my card which was needed to complete the application form. The lady just asked for my calling card instead and she’ll give me a call.

Chemworld Fragrance Factory

Chemworld's booth has this game that you should have to shoot a ball so you could win something, but unfortunately, I didn't won. I am not good in shooting balls even though I already have four eyes haha! Instead, they gave me this voucher :) 


This one is my favorite! They have this oh so cute and sweet panda! After I took a solo photo of him, he motioned me to have a selfie. And here, we're cheeks to cheeks haha!

Panram | BitDefender | Prestiz

There's this booth which showcases different stuffs for the "gamers", flash disks, tablets and monitors. I got to meet Ms. Sarah, who happened to be one of the in-charged personnel who communicates with our company's purchasing department. They have this video card, flash disks and blah blah blah. They also have this bowl where you have to pick one paper and you'll able to win. And I won a one year free subscription of BitDefender 2016!


Blogapalooza's admins and staffs "headshot" are all cool while they are holding a hashtag to symbolize the #ResponsibleMedia. And here's our very own chance holding those hashtags!

Manong's Lechon Cebu

Good thing, I still get the chance to see and meet this oh so yummy lechon of Manong's Lechon Cebu. Unfortunately (again), we were not able to taste this lechon because we have to leave the event early.


We had fun having a photo while holding this large Instagram-like square props. And there's this mini golf area where you have the chance to win something from them, kaso waley, olats kami ni Jack.
Grand Videoke


JB Music

Did you see Freddie Aguilar? Hahahahaha.

Sosro Fruit Tea

The busiest of all the booths. I loved how they gave their best to the bloggers. Jack and I enjoyed their free caricature and photo booth. I admire their artists, especially this guy! He sketches without using pencil, diretso pentelpen na. Galing!

We didn't have the chance to finish the event because Mamoy was texting me non-stop on what time I should be home. We missed the chance to see the Kamikazee and other celebrities and also the "happy hour".

I also forgot to answer Blogapalooza's survey sheet, so I'll answer it instead in this blog post.

1. What did you like best about Blogapalooza 2015: Seasons?
Since it's my first time to attend such event like this, the thing I liked the most is the speakers who shared their insights about blogging, on how you should take care of your image as a blogger and online influencer and how you could promote responsible media.

2. What did you like least about Blogapalooza 2015: Seasons?
What I didn't like is the event center is quite warm although there are visible huge fans at the corners but, nagpapaypay pa din ako. Hehehe. 

3. Your message to your Blogapalooza family?

Dear Blogapalooza admins,

Thank you for making my first blogger event memorable, me and my friend had fun! Kudos to you!
I just wish you will also include in your event an activity that will make each blogger meet and get to know other bloggers. Because me, as a very shy person had a difficulty approaching other bloggers. I went to this event to help me get out of my shell and look for something new. TBH, I felt awkward hehehe. But all in all, I enjoyed and learned a lot of things in this "business".

I am looking forward with excitement on next year's Blogapalooza event.
Promise, next year, babawasan ko hiya ko :)

Love, Romie

These are the giveaways I got from my first Blogapalooza event. Thank you guys for having me and congratulations!

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