Master's Birthday Celebration Part 2 of 2 at Manila Ocean Park

My dearest Bentong had a two day celebration of his 7th birthday. The first part was with the grannies and tito and tita. While the second part, yung mismong araw ng nya talaga was celebrated at Manila Ocean Park.

Before the calendar hit July 18, I already planned weeks ahead on this happening. Of course, the first thing I need to prepare is the budget. Good thing, the agency I am in released our cash bond so the early savings I had for this went to the other expenses -- foods and the stuffed toy we bought for Master.

Two days before his big day, I prepared a simple itinerary for our visit to Manila Ocean Park. It is very important because there are scheduled time for certain shows that we shouldn't miss 'cause that's included in the package I paid for. And also, to maximize every attraction we are going to enter.

On the 18th of July
We woke up just in time for the park's 9AM opening. We were there a few minutes before the opening and I was second in line! Hehe.

When it's my turn, I showed the cashier Master's Birth Certificate because Ocean Park offers free entrance for birthday celebrants during their birthday month as long as he/she have two paying companions. Then, Mamoy and I availed the Sea Breeze Express Package which amounts to P750.00.

After buying the tickets and have it wrap on our wrists... The adventure begun.

First Stop: Oceanarium

As we enter Oceanarium, we were greeted by these giant aquariums. And as we continue our way inside, we went downstairs, and met darkness and smaller aquariums. It feels like we were going deeper the ocean.

As we go deeper the laot haha, we saw these more gigantic aquarium that contains different kinds of sharks.

Nag-picture yung dalawa dun sa diver na naglilinis ng aquarium.

Ang galing ni Kuya! I wonder magkano kaya sahod nya?

Mamoy trying to kiss the giant talakitok. Magsasawa ako pag ganito kalaki ulam namin!

Second Stop: Fish Spa

This is our most favorite part because these tiny fishes brought out the tickles we hide inside! These tiny fishes who will eat your callouses hahahaha.



Look at that big fat Mamoy, hahahaha! He can't control his kiliti

My feet under the water for a few good seconds while capturing this photo habang nagtitiis ng kiliti!

Third Stop: Jellies Exhibit

Fourth Stop: Birds of Prey


Fifth Stop: Sea Lion Show

The Sea Lion Show there's this two sea lions who swooned the heart of the audience. They act, sing and dance together with their trainors. And they had a special guest, the cutie Jeric Gonzales, who played the role Eli in GMA's recent evening drama series, Pari Koy.

Obligatory family picture.

We look alike na.


Ang swerteng sea lion neto, naka kiss kay Jeric.

After watching the Sea Lion Show, we had lunch from one of the restaurants there. Sorry, I forgot the name. Basta they're offering -Silogs, in which we didn't enjoyed because honestly, the food does not tastes good. Honestly, I was silently blaming Mamoy for choosing that one. Haha! Actually, I was opting for The Liquid Buffet because its buffet but we didn't push dining there because of the long queue and there's a lot of diners already. I also want Gerry's Grill na lang sana, but Mamoy didn't want there kesyo mahal daw. Kaya yung katabi na lang pinili nya. Sana I told him that I'll be the one paying para masarap naman kain ng anak ko. Pero anyway, tapos na yun. Lesson learned. Haha. We won't dine there na lang when we go back to Manila Ocean Park because we wanted to have a Part 2 of our adventure for those attractions that's not included in the package and for Yexel's Museum.

Sixth Stop: Back of the House
The Back of the House is the place where you'll see the some of the machinery that makes the Manila Ocean Park operate. You'll also find here how the food for their alaga are made, some laboratories, etc.

Seventh Stop: All Star Bird Show

Eighth Stop: Sharks and Rays Encounter

Ninth Stop: Penguin Talk Show

The Last Stop: The Symphony Evening Show

We didn't watch The Symphony Evening Show, which starts at 6:30 PM, because we were able to finish all attractions and shows for our chosen package at 4:00 PM. We were already tired hehe. That's why we opted to go home instead. The Symphony is a majestic display of huge water fountains, the tallest in the Philippines reaching 40 meters or 120 feet.

My son really enjoyed his day. Although it's a tiring day, it's super sulit naman because my son was happy. Everytime we took a rest, my son will ask me Mommy, san ang sunod? Then, I told him that me and daddy need to rest muna hahahaha that aging erf. Then the Master said, Ako hindi pa pagod. He excitement made his adrenaline shoot high.

In order for him not to forget that day, we bought him this cute penguin stuffed toy.

Behind Quirino Grandstand, Manila
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