How To Start A Blog In 3 Easy Steps

If you want a place in the wild wild web where you can share your thoughts, stories, dreams, business, or drama in life then blogging is the right thing for you. There is no hard and fast rule in starting a blog. Your laptop, creativity, patience and  money (if you have) to spare to buy a domain are enough for you to start up your own blog.

Starting a blog is very easy. Here's my 3 easy steps on How You Can Start Your Very Own Blog:

1. Think of a catchy URL

Your URL is the key for your readers to remember your place in the internet world. Make sure it’s catchy and easy to remember.  It should be unique but not as unique as the spelling will be hard to remember. Some readers have short memory so don’t complicate this part, okay? Or it could be something related to the kind of blog you are going to build. 

Once you have your URL, you could register it to domain providers like GoDaddy, so you could have that .COM thing, or .NET or .PH to make it look professional. But if you don’t have the bucks to spend, you still can use the free subdomain provided by the blogging platform that you will use.

2. Choose a blogging platform and set up your blog

Choose the blogging platform where you want to set up your blog. There are many blogging platforms in the internet world available for bloggers whether you have bucks or none. Here's the list of some blogging platforms where you could start your blog:

Blogger (free)
Wordpress: (free) and (paid)
Tumblr (free)
Squarespace (paid, though it offers free trial up to 14days)
Wix (offers free and paid)
Medium (free)
HubPages (free)
Joomla (offers free and paid)
Weebly (offers free and paid)
Svbtle (free)
Once you have set up your blog, you should choose a great theme that will suit to your blog. There are hundreds of free and premium themes out there. You just have to be creative and have a little knowledge in HTML and CSS. In case you don't have any idea about it just GMT it right away... GMT as in Google Mo Teh ^_^ .

3. Create your first post!

Create your first post in your blog! It could be an introduction of yourself or about what kind of blog you have just built or a congratulatory message to yourself on having a new blog or whatever you want to tell to your future readers. :)

Here you go. So building your very own blog is suuuuper easy! You just have to allot enough time and creativity to execute everything in here. So good luck! *wink*


  1. Hi, Romie! I noticed on your sidebar that you're attending the Blogapalooza! I got an invite too but I'm too shy to mingle with other people and I'm socially awkward in person. Hahaha Have fun at the event, though!

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

    1. Hello Ochi! Thank you! It's my first time to attend. Ako din mahiyain! Hahaha. I'm going with an officemate. Saka magmasid-masid kami keme lang :) Hehehehe.

  2. I agree with those three that you mentioned! I also recommend having at least a list of topics that you want to cover in your blog (when you're starting out) so that you won't find yourself clueless on what to write about after your first post! :)

    The North Kid by Pam de Guzman

  3. I just bought my own domain at namecheap after 5 months. nakakatuwa lang kasi .com na ko from hehehe. Thanks for sharing these tips dear. :)

    1. Yezzzz, that kilig feeling! Hahahaha. Thank you po! :)