'Coz We Have Unique Names

Last night, a lady from Census, according to her, knocked on our door and made a survey. We are quietly having our dinner when she interrupted us. Mamoy was the one who answered her because I was not wearing bra that time. Hahahaha.

Lady: Sir, kayo po ang head ng tahanang ito?
Mamoy: Opo.
Lady: Ano pong pangalan nyo Sir?
Mamoy: Sige i-spell ko, isulat mo. T--Z--A--D--E (then he said his surname).
Lady: Sir, ano po ito? Ti---? Cha---?
Mamoy: CHA-DE.
Lady: Sir, yan po ang real name nyo?
Mamoy: Opo.

Lady: Sir, ang name po ni Misis?
Mamoy: Romie Marie
Lady: Romie po?
Mamoy: Oo. R--O--M--I--E Marie (then he said my last name)

Lady: Sir, may anak po kayo? Ano pong pangalan?
Mamoy: (slightly pissed off) Ysven. Y--S--V--E--N

Lady: Sige po Sir, thank you po.

Then, the lady left.

I was laughing because the lady was surprised that we got unique names. I told Mamoy that why did he omit MASTER from Master's complete name? Because my son's name is MASTER YSVEN. Hahahaha. He's quite pissed at the lady daw because she should just write whatever he says or dictates and won't ask if that's our real name because why would we even bother to give false unique names, anyway? 

When I was a kid, I usually get pissed off by other people who makes fun of my name. But little did I know, I was able to use my name to sound important, brave and strong in some ways. Just like here at work...

Area Manager: Tawagan mo si Romie. Sa kanya ka magrequest.
Store Staff then dials to Head Office to call me.
Store Staff: Hello, pwede po kay Sir Romie?
Me: Di po ako SIR.
Store: Ay sorry po ma'am.

Then, the next time they will call me, they are already afraid to have a mistake.

But the saddest part of having my unique name is when a female friend or colleague tells stories about me to her boyfriend or husband, the bf/husband ALWAYS mistaken me as a man resulting of him being jealous at me! Just like my former workmate...

Workmate: Romie, basahin mo to.
Gives her phone to me.
Workmate's BF: Lagi na lang kayo magkasama ni Romie, sino ba yan? Boyfriend mo ba yan?
And my eyes widen in shock.
Me: Ano bang sabi mo sa kanya?
Workmate: Tinext ko sya, sabi ko "May titignan lang kami ni Romie dito sa SM."
Me, *Face palm*

Mamoy had known four strangers who pronounced his name correctly, TBH, I am not included haha. Most of the people he encounters really don't have any idea on how they will pronounce his name.

Mamoy, was named by his uncle. According to his uncle, his name came from a character from the bible. When I met this old man, he's very proud to tell me the story behind Mamoy's name. While Mamoy on the other hand, quietly blaming his uncle because of his unique name. Sa pagka-unique hindi na alam basahin ng ibang tao, Mamoy always tell whenever we got to talk about it.

While I got Master Ysven's name after Master Kevin, my sister's friend and former classmate and Sven a hero from the online game DoTa. My sister suggested to add Y to Sven for some character daw. So Master's classmates used to call him Master with matching hands waving up and down as if their praising him hahaha!

How many of you experienced your name being pronounced or spelled wrong? 
C'mon raise your hand, don't be shy. Haha.


  1. Hahahahahahaha this is a funny one Ming! Nakakarelate ako though hindi ako yung may unique na name. Yung boyfriend ko. His nickname is Sheen but when people ask for his real name, I tell the, Cinmay. Nobody has pronounced his name correctly. NEVER. Except for people who knows him personally. Some even assume he's a SHE. HAHAHA! Because they read it as seen-mae. Hahaha. But really it's just shin-mai. Haha! Iba talaga pag unique ang name. :D

    1. Haha, oo nga noh. Ang kulit. Even me, ang tingin ko seen-mae. Pag binanggit naman ang name nya, they couldn't spell it correctly naman :P

  2. Hahaha! Really enjoyed reading this. I wouldn't have guessed that Romie is a lady's name and would've addressed you as "sir" over the phone! :)

    PS. New reader. <3

    1. Welcome to my blog Mary! And thank you :)