Master's Birthday Celebration: Part 1 of 2

This is Part 1 of 2 of Master’s Birthday Celebration - July 17, 2015

Since we have a small family, and the introvert-y side of me always flourish, I decided to celebrate Master's 7th Birthday as simple yet unforgettable for him. Part 1 was with my family -- Daddy, Mama, Apichi (my sister) and Titoy (my brother). Apichi and Titoy is how he calls his tita and tito.

My sister and I agreed to meet last July 17. Also, para samantalahin ang holiday with pay. *wink*

We met at SM Manila around 10AM. When we entered Tokyo, Tokyo (our meeting place), Master looked for Mama. My sister told him that she’s outside nagliliwaliw na agad. Then, I noticed Mama was waiting na for us near the entrance haha. Edi, ginulat sya ni Master from behind.

When we are complete, we ordered our foods na. We had two Sumo Meals, one Bento meal, and one big bowl of ramen. Actually, it is my second time to dine at Tokyo, Tokyo with plenty of foods. The first time I dined there… years ago and I am very young pa, I only ordered Chicken Teriyaki because I was afraid to try new foods eh I was with my half sister and her friend, I don’t want her naman na mapahiya. Hahaha.

My second experience with Tokyo Tokyo was sort of average. Good thing they have unlimited rice servings kaya busog kaming lahat. The service is good because every time we ask for additional rice, they serve it with a smile naman.

After eating, picture taking, small catching ups and kulitan, we went to the Department store because mom bought a pair of pants for Master.


Mama, then asked Master...
Mama: Anong gusto mong regalo?
Master: Pantalon po.

Mama: Tinuruan ka ni Mommy mo?

Master: Opo


Before we left the house, I told Master to ask for a pair of pants as a gift from his lola. Hehe. Mahirap na if he will request for a toy eh masisira din naman iyon. Practikalan na lang di ba? *wink*

After that my siblings and Master went on the 5thfloor sa World of Fun. While mom and dad, spend some time in a Bench store.

We had good time playing in WOW. We spent some 25 tokens para maglaro. Konti man, but what’s important is the “children” were happy naman. I also discovered that Master is good in shooting basketballs.

When the “children” got tired, I asked my sister to call mama para mag-merienda naman kami.
We decided to have a snack sa Goldilocks because I wanted to buy a cake for my son. Before we reached Goldilocks, dad, bro and Master had a donut muna. Then, pagdating duon, mom came with some slices of pizza. Haha. Then, me and my sister ordered a cake na for Master.

Thank you Apichi sa ambag sa cake :*

Last Extended Family Photo

After hours of liwaliw inside SM Manila, we bid our goodbyes to each other because we are all tired na and we need to prepare of Master Part 2 of 2 of his birthday celebration.

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