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Get To Know The Other Laurels

President Jose P. Laurel with his wife and children (Image Source)
As the Philippine History taught us about the things Jose P. Laurel did to our country as the President of the Second Philippine Republic during the Japanese occupation, as well as other historical figures, we sometimes wonder what does their  descendants is doing right now? Do they continue the legacy of these heroes who are their forefathers?

Come and Visit Century City Mall and Celebrate a Cheerful Candied Holiday

We have 31 more days to wait before Christmas! I am sure that everybody has already set up their Christmas decors and is so giddy for this Christmas season. As the Century City Mall makes the holidays more special by making it colorful and sweet with “Sweet Treats” and with the hashtag #SweetChristmas. When you visit the mall, your eyes will surely feast with its pink decors starting from the entrance and to the hallways up to the giant pink Christmas tree. Oh such a treat!

Our 10 Favorite Places in Baguio

Baguio City, tagged as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, is one of the famous tourist destinations in our country. With its cool temperature, who wouldn’t want to escape the heat of the metro to experience its coolness? We’ve been to Baguio twice and the joy it brings never ceases despite the long hours of travel.

My Life Lately

I am now on my 3rd month of being unemployed. Yes, 3 months ago, I decided to quit work and currently on the process of becoming a full time work at home mom. Is it all worth it? What am I doing right now? Am I happy now? Well, let me tell you.