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Find Your HappyNest and The Modern Days Heroes Promo

In remembrance of their patriotic acts, this coming August 28, 2017 (Monday), our country will celebrate the National Heroes Day. These men and women are the heroes in the Philippine history that bravely stood up in order for the Philippines to grow as a nation.

28th @ Shercon Resort and Ecology Park

One fine sunny Wednesday of May, my family and I spent my 28th birthday at Shercon Resort and Ecology Park in Mataas Na Kahoy, Lipa, Batangas. After a few paydays of saving and cutting my expenses and Master’s sleepless nights because of excitement, my simple birthday celebration went happily.

Cloud 9 × 360° View Sidetrip

After so much fun and aura-han at Pinto Art Museum, we went to Cloud 9 Resort and Restaurant to maximize our short Antipolo Trip and to have dinner and to recharge before going back to Manila. 

Pinto Art Museum

Last February, we went to the famous Pinto Art Museum which is located in Antipolo, Rizal. Together with my son, Master and my officemates, we braved the roads of Manila and Rizal.